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Hello, Im Whitegambit, I am currently working on the White Gambit game series where I will be creating many hentai adventures. I am an amateur game designer with little to no experience but a tenacity to learn. Also... I'm not white XD i'm Asian

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Posted by MrMarshy - July 2nd, 2021

Hey guys, I dont use newgrounds that often but I have posted a new game for you guys to check out. I made it in two weeks!



Posted by MrMarshy - May 6th, 2018

Hello everyone, I wanted to announce my new work schedule and a new project. After the creation of Poison, I began speaking to AliceFromCampFe, a talented writer. I am now working on a title based on Camp Fe. 

Poison was created as a project for me to learn to code, so my mistakes at the start of the game's development about 2 months ago have caused limitations on what I can do to the game in future. 

I will continue to work on poison but reduce the amount of time on it for the new title that will be vastly better than Poison, if not for improved art then a much more original premise and better gameplay.

My current schedule is

Mon - Thu Camp Fe Development 

Fri - Sat School Poison Development

Sunday is a rest day.


Posted by MrMarshy - April 29th, 2018

From 0.1 to 0.11

  • Fixed many spelling and grammar issues (Thanks to my writers),
  • Fixed an issue where the characters would spaz out when you moused over them.
  • Redid all the dildo and several of the sex animations (Trying to be a bit more distinct).
  • Added the bondage scene for Ami and Kay
  • Increased the size of the buildings in the map. (Still trying to figure out a way to make the calendar better looking)
  • Fixed a freezing problem related to spanking Ami in the BDSM scenes causing freezing later down the line.


Posted by MrMarshy - April 18th, 2018

Hey, everyone, I thought I would do a write up of the issues I see in the game and give you all an idea of where the game will be heading.

The things I will fix/add soon or am adding at the moment

  • Distinct animations for each of the girls.
  • Change the entire job system.
  • Fixing graphical issues such as clipping and so on.
  • Add more bdsm scenes.
  • a bug where the scene gets stuck in the alien occurance
  • grammatical and spelling issues are going to be completely changed for a huge area of the game

Things I plan on fixing but not high on the list

  • Rework the sex to be based on sexual gratification rather than just stamina alone. 
  • Add a challenge each time you want to level up the girls and have specific requirements for each girl, for example, high charisma checks.
  • Lack of items you can buy at the shop. I was having ideas of being able to buy the different girl's outfits to wear during sex scenes so it can add a layer of roleplaying for the player.
  • Balancing. The game is way too easy and I recognize that, but currently I think its a good thing. As I haven't added a save system (Nor do I know how to, by the way, I'm using As3 on adobe animate if anyone wants to give me advice on how I would add it) and I want players to easily beable to get back to where they were before (I will add a sandbox mode soon where you can start with everything unlocked for old players who just want to see the new content)

I hope everyone sees to continue their great support for the game.