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Hello, Im Whitegambit, I am currently working on the White Gambit game series where I will be creating many hentai adventures. I am an amateur game designer with little to no experience but a tenacity to learn. Also... I'm not white XD i'm Asian

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The issues in the game. The plan to fix them.

Posted by MrMarshy - April 18th, 2018

Hey, everyone, I thought I would do a write up of the issues I see in the game and give you all an idea of where the game will be heading.

The things I will fix/add soon or am adding at the moment

  • Distinct animations for each of the girls.
  • Change the entire job system.
  • Fixing graphical issues such as clipping and so on.
  • Add more bdsm scenes.
  • a bug where the scene gets stuck in the alien occurance
  • grammatical and spelling issues are going to be completely changed for a huge area of the game

Things I plan on fixing but not high on the list

  • Rework the sex to be based on sexual gratification rather than just stamina alone. 
  • Add a challenge each time you want to level up the girls and have specific requirements for each girl, for example, high charisma checks.
  • Lack of items you can buy at the shop. I was having ideas of being able to buy the different girl's outfits to wear during sex scenes so it can add a layer of roleplaying for the player.
  • Balancing. The game is way too easy and I recognize that, but currently I think its a good thing. As I haven't added a save system (Nor do I know how to, by the way, I'm using As3 on adobe animate if anyone wants to give me advice on how I would add it) and I want players to easily beable to get back to where they were before (I will add a sandbox mode soon where you can start with everything unlocked for old players who just want to see the new content)

I hope everyone sees to continue their great support for the game. 


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